"My daughter Milli has been going to Strive for 5 years now and I cannot compliment this dance school enough.

Each year the shows have got bigger and better and as a parent I have observed all the various children grow in confidence.


The talent within this dance school is amazing. All the children are taught to believe they can strive and achieve their own personal goals and the teachers are so passionate about getting the best out of your child. I would highly recommend this dance school".

"My granddaughter has attended the classes for a number of years and she thoroughly enjoys the classes.  This is particularly positive as she is very shy and can lack concentration. She has grown in confidence by her attending the classes.


 I believe the teachers to be patient and professional in their work with the young people, giving them structure in the curriculum and achievable goals for the young people to aim for. The staff are also very responsive to concerns, taking on board parents feedback and dealing with any problems with sensitivity and speed. I thoroughly recommend.


Worth every penny".

"Our daughter started at Strive Dance Academy 2 1/2 years ago at the age of 10. She loved to sing and dance at home but didn't have the confidence to go to a dance class and be with people she didn't know.

Strive was recommended to me by a friend and I managed to persuade our daughter to go and see what she thought. I literally had to push her through the door and I remember saying to Becky that I didn't know if she would join in or even if we would be back after that initial class... 

We have not looked back since that first day. She tried all the classes and loved them, quickly went to six classes per week and is now on the competition team. Her self belief and confidence is growing all the time and as a parent it is great to see her going from strength to strength personally and as a dancer.

Becky & Lauren have a passion for dance and pass this onto their students with enthusiasm.  Their encouragement, commitment, guidance and belief in each and every one of their students inspires them to believe in themselves, be the best that they can be and to keep working hard whilst still keeping the classes fun.
We cannot thank Becky & Lauren enough".

"Strive is an amazing dance school. It’s affordable, friendly and fun. My daughters have gained so much confidence since they both started. Becky and Lauren are phenomenal teachers and make all classes enjoyable. The girls look forward to every class and the end of year ‘Dance Explosion’ shows are fantastic and something my family and I look forward to each year".

“Since joining and taking up Cheerleading, Emily’s confidence has come on in leaps and bounds. It makes no difference what ability level your child is at; children at all levels are welcomed and encouraged to do their best.”

"After trying out two different dance schools before Strive Dance Academy, I must say I am so pleased Bella has settled. Bella has always been sassy and confident and I love the fact that this is embraced and no pressure put upon the children to be something they are not! Bella loves dancing at Strive - it's fantastic!"


“My daughter chose dance after finishing gymnastics and has gone from strength to strength. The teachers push her to improve and provide variety in lessons. Her confidence has increased dramatically.”

“My daughter lacked so much confidence before she started and now she’s thriving in every way. Becky and Lauren have taught her so much. I am so grateful to the team for all their hard work. I would definitely recommend”.

“My 5 year old loves Mondays because it means she’s going to dancing. She’s been attending almost a year and the progress she has made has been astounding”.

"I danced at Strive Dance Academy for several years. The teachers helped me gain confidence and become a stronger person and supported me every step of the way. I absolutely loved going to dancing every week, my team were like my second family and I am forever thankful for everyone at Strive. I can't wait to take my daughter to Strive when she is old enough!! The shows are fantastic with all the hard work and I am proud to say I was part of the dance shows for several years. The lessons I used to have at Strive were always made fun and everyone was always equal no matter how capable they were. SDA is amazing!"

“All 3 of my daughters go dancing and I can see a massive difference in all of them and it has really helped their confidence”.

"I first started Strive Dance Academy when I was around 7 years old! I still remember my first dance lesson and I was so excited! I was made to feel so welcomed by all teachers and students at the academy throughout my full experience! My love for the academy lasted all together for around 8 years and I always had a smile on my face. I’ve made friends and memories that will last a life time. I couldn’t recommend a more happy, welcoming, feel good dance academy and I was extremely lucky to be able to be a part of it! 

“Great dance school. Lovely students and teachers. The confidence, energy and expertise Emily has gained is phenomenal”.

"My daughter has been attending Strive since she was selected through her junior schools gifted and talented programme many years ago-she is an original member who is now aged 17. I have seen the development of the Strive Dance Company and it has been a pleasure to watch. The dance teachers enthusiasm is palpable. They have structured dance routines to learn in a warm/friendly environment that ensures children of all abilities have the right to shine. The dance teachers  encourage children's abilities, they have fun whilst undertaking the dance moves and physical activity.  Their dance routines, incorporates, fitness, movement and flexibility. This dance company is wonderful, the teachers are extremely approachable and nothing is too much trouble. They have superb communication skills both with the children and parents alike. I cannot recommend this dance company enough".

"My 5 year old daughter originally went to another local dance school before we found Strive. She would get upset and cry and refuse to let go of me so she stopped dancing. A friend then recommended Becky and Strive and my daughter loves it! From day one she has enjoyed going and has always been made to feel extremely welcome and cared for. She loves going dancing on a Monday after school and has progressed so much since she started at Christmas it is fantastic to see. Becky is always kind and calm and patient with the children and not pushy in any way. It is lovely to see a dance teacher who encourages the children to do the best they can as individuals and not to focus on how well they are doing compared to the other children in their class. I am so glad we found Strive and cannot thank you enough for giving my little girl so much confidence. I would recommend to anyone".

"Our daughter Jessica first went to Strive in 2014 when she was 4 years old.  The fantastic teachers at Strive have helped to develop Jessica’s dancing and confidence over the past 4 years. They have taking her from being nervous at the thought of doing her first end of year Strive show to someone that can’t wait to get on stage. The end of year show that Strive put on is one of the highlights of the year for all the family.  Being able to sit in the audiences and watch your child perform with all her friends makes you feel so proud and shows just how much hard work everyone at Strive puts in to make every child be the best they can be. Strive provide a friendly and fun environment that is clear to see, all the children get on so well together and Jessica now has so many dance friends from babes to seniors all supporting each other. We would highly recommend Strive and its teachers as the best place to dance and achieve".

"My 11 year old daughter loves Strive. She started three years ago just doing Street but now enjoys musical theatre, acro, modern and ballet and this year is going to try tap. Becky and Lauren have made her into a beautiful dancer and the difference in one year is incredible. There is an end of year show that just keeps getting better and better".

"My daughter loves coming to dance classes. It’s a great place for kids to enjoy themselves without pressure which we’ve found at other place. Would definitely recommend Strive".

"My daughter has gained so much confidence since starting Cheerleading at Strive. She loves going and has learnt so much in such a short space of time. The icing on the cake has been to see how much she enjoyed taking part in the show".

"My three year old adores her dance class. She has been made to feel welcome and part of the group so quickly".

"My daughter looks forward to classes every week. The tutors are friendly, not money orientated and really show a passion for dance! Really impressed!"