We use the IDTA and Acrobatic Arts dance syllabus as a guideline for progression and development within classes, but we don’t follow them strictly, which is why we don’t offer exams.

We like to be able to be flexible with the content and have the option of exploring and differentiating the syllabus material based on individual’s capabilities to allow each child to progress and excel at their own level.


Exams don’t always reflect accurately on a child’s achievements – they can sometimes measure outcome (without considering a child’s progression) and for us, individual improvement is the most important aspect.


We ensure the children have aims and targets within sessions. In addition all children are awarded annually with a medal and certificate of achievement.

We also provide internal assessment reports, internal certification and have numerous reward systems in place.


One of the most common questions we are asked if whether not doing exams will ‘go against’ our pupils or put them at a disadvantage if they decided to audition for dance college in the future.

The answer is no. We contacted numerous highly reputable dance colleges including Renaissance Arts, SLP, Old School Danceworks, Phil Winston’s TheatreWorks, Bonds Theatre College, Stella Mann, Performers College, Mandy Ellen, Urdang Academy and Tring Park.


All the colleges confirmed they do not take into consideration what exams a candidate has taken – they look for strong technical training, excellent performance ability, the potential of the candidate and their overall impression during the audition process.


Many of the colleges were extremely complimentary about our thoughts and praised the unique approach we provide our pupils.

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