For children age 5+ we offer a wide range of genres which includes Ballet, Tap, Modern (jazz and lyrical), Showkids/Musical Theatre, Jazz-Theatre, Cheerleading, Singing, Acrobatics and Street Dance (age 6+).  Each style offers something different to stimulate and develop our pupils in multiple ways.

We are based at Spen Valley High School, Liversedge (though constantly keeping our eyes peeled for our own studio!) and operate Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings as well as Friday and Saturday mornings. Our year coincides with the Kirklees School Holidays, starting September and ending in July with an annual end of year showcase.  


Class prices start at £3.00 and we have a flexible payment system in place allowing weekly, monthly or half termly payments.


Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and are responsible for dressing appropriately for class. Set uniforms are not enforced in all classes* however, there are guidelines in place for class attire and it's expected pupils adhere to these. Dressing correctly shows a positive attitude towards participation as well as ensuring safe practice.

(*Regulation uniforms are required for Ballet and Modern classes).


We are proud to deliver the Award Winning Baby/Toddler and Pre-School Programmes – Disco Ducklings, Disco Duck and Little Stars. The programme is very gender neutral, catering and appealing to both boys and girls.


The Disco Duck programme is aimed at age 18 months-3 years and provides a fun introduction into dance and movement classes.

Designed by an expert, the syllabus builds the foundations of dance using well phrased catchy tunes that imitate actions supported by preparatory exercises, providing specific learning outcomes based around dance, for example: rhythm and timing, musicality, spatial awareness, coordination, body control and the programme has excellent educational outcomes too. Disco Duck supports the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stages).

Following on from this the Disco Duck Stars programme provides the ‘next step’ for children age 3-5 building further on their movement skills and learning.   

The Ducklings class (6-18 months) is a sensory class promoting visual awareness, hearing, touch and movement.

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