We offer a wide range of genres which includes Ballet, Tap, Modern (jazz and lyrical), Show kids/Musical Theatre, Jazz-Theatre, Mini Stars, Little Stars and Commercial.  Each style offers something different to stimulate and develop our pupils in multiple ways.

We are proud to deliver Baby/Toddler and Pre-School movement and dance classes for little ones 12 months+. All our sessions are creative and engaging with catchy tunes, props and equipment.

We have range of adult classes available through both ourselves and outside hirers. These include dance fitness, circuit training and yoga.

Prices & Payments

Class prices start at £3.00 and we have a payment system in place for you. 

Class Attire/Uniform

Dressing correctly shows a positive attitude towards participation as well as ensuring safe practice. Pupils are encouraged to take pride in their appearance. 

We have our own uniform provider and all uniform is available through the academy.

Timetable Information

Please contact us for up-to-date timetable information and class availability.