At Strive Dance Academy we aim to inspire and motivate our pupils through their love of dance and performing arts.


We have a fantastic atmosphere where our pupils are nurtured and encouraged to be their best.


Confidence is developed when children achieve so we provide platforms and opportunity for this; however along the way it will involve overcoming challenge.


The ability to overcome difficulty is paramount for development and we aim to help students understand that ‘failure’ and mistakes are stepping-stones to success. This is vital in creating the growth mindset we aim to instil within our pupils.

We wholeheartedly believe that with the right support our students can achieve anything they set their mind to and will be equipped with a wide range of skills to be the star of their own show, whatever future stage they step onto.


We know that not all our students will grow up and become ‘dancers’ but they will all grow up and become adults.


We aim for our studio to develop strength within their character, a flexible mindset, power in their resilience and determination in order to achieve their potential.

We have grown considerably over the years and we believe this is as a direct result of our strong aims, values and ethos which will always be at the heart of our school.

We invite you to start your child on a journey with us and watch them grow as a performer and a person.