At Strive Dance Academy we aspire to be individual and creative in our approach to teaching dance.

We are an incredibly dedicated, committed and passionate dance establishment that continually encourages, improves and inspires its pupils.

We understand and appreciate that (for most) dance is a hobby – or at least that’s how it starts out!

We have a fantastic atmosphere where children are encouraged to ‘believe and achieve’ and our aim is to nurture the personal growth of every child within our school.


We are very committed to what we do and have a strong passion for educating children through the art of dance.

Our teaching style is very child centered and adapted greatly from one pupil to the next, considering each pupil’s individual capabilities and personality.


Our inclusive approach focuses heavily on personal development promoting perseverance over perfection, a skill valuable to our pupils well after the ballet shoes have been stored away. 

Simultaneously, we provide high quality sessions to develop your child’s dance education. Strong technical foundations are important to us and we are always working continually hard to improve our standards.

We’ve grown considerably over the years and we believe this is as a direct result of our strong aims, values and ethos which will always be at the heart of our school.

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